Thursday, 18 September 2014

The Beginning

So this is me, Kimberley Katie (Yes that is my middle name) Woods. I'm 19 years of age, 2 brothers and 1 sister who are all younger. I have just finished college coming away with a National Diploma in Sport and moving to university in under 2 weeks to study Sport Studies!

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I compete in a fast adrenaline sport called 'Canoe Slalom' and some people would think that us slalom paddlers are crazy because we go down white water rapids through green and red poles in the fastest time possible! 
I love slalom even though it is a mad sport, there are some very exciting times and some not so exciting. But at the end of the day us canoeists do it because we love it. Whats the point of doing anything if you don't enjoy it?

Recently I have been in Nottingham training until the big move on the 28th September, and have also competed at Tryweryn in North Wales for the 4th and 5th Premier Race of the season last week to which I came out with two wins and two seconds which is my seasons best for both boats; but I am always hungry for more.

On the weekend that I move to Hertfordshire University is the next race for me which is in Nottingham and I am very hungry for both wins at that weekend but you cannot control what others do so I am focusing purely on my training to give me the best edge for the race.

So this is the beginning to a blog that would be updated as often as I can to keep my fellow followers up to date with what I am doing in and out of canoeing! 

Talk Soon x

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