Wednesday, 24 September 2014

The Uni Move

So I'm moving to Uni. The best part of my life. Or so that's what other people say about their University life. 

Making sure that you have everything before hand is a nightmare. Questionnaires got to be filled in, certain forms filled out and printed out, online profiles, parking permits, household things and also knowing how to exactly get there! 

This week has been such a rush due to me having a race at the weekend of the move in dates up in Nottingham which is 115 miles away from my university! And I have to go home which is half way there to get all my uni things and pack it into my car and then go down. There are also the goodbyes to my family.  

Then there is freshers! Something that every first year looks forward to when going to university. I am certainly looking forward to the acts that are going to be there :
We've got Example, Fuse ODG, Wheatua, Deaf Havana, Becky Hill, Pendulum, Sigma and Matrix and Futurebound! 
It is going to be mad 🙌

It will be a very exciting time for me to meet new people and to be based at a training facility as I have always had to drive over an hour to the nearest white water centre. Living in Rugby though wasn't so bad as I was in the middle of everywhere. To get to the main venues for the races it was around 1-3 hours. The only ones that are far to travel too  are Teeside, Grandtully and Washburn.

It's now time for me to train and rest up for the next Premier race this weekend in Nottingham to then travel down to University on the Sunday straight after the race! 

Bye for now :) x

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