Friday, 31 October 2014

Time is Fragile

So time itself cannot be wasted right? It goes for most things because you never know when it will stop therefore you have to make every bit of that time you have and take it in your own hands and make it your own.

This weekend time was fragile making sure that every process for the race was there and I did not waste any time that I had on getting myself distracted away from the goal I was there to do.
But just moving slightly away from that we were racing at Holme Pierrepont which was built in 1986 and then re designed in 2008/09 in time for the Senior European Championships that year. The Junior World Championships had also been held there in 1995.

Back in that time the courses length in 1 run was around 2-3 minute long! With boats 4 meters long when now they are around 90-120 seconds long on average with boats being 3 and half meters long. The courses themselves then were long, open and 25 gates at each race but now they are tight and open and between 18-23/24 gate so time has changed since those days.

Although the race at the weekend was long and difficult as the technical aspects within the course were tricky and the open bits were very physical and draining but all in all it was very exciting for those spectating and competing...or at least it was for me.

I felt that there was a slight bit of pressure on me as I had won the last race which was held there and with more competition here I felt that it was going to be difficult to do the same again in kayak as well as canoe. But all in all I love that feeling as it drives me to fight harder.


After hearing what everyone thought of the course there was no chance of it feeling great as the technical bits were fairly tricky and the physical parts were pretty hard so it was going to be interesting.
3...2...1...GO! And then racing was underway, I never think at the start to cruise it cause I have 4 runs to do so I should save my energy because whats the point of being there when you do not go full out! So I went for it as I normally do and it did not feel amazing. I felt unstable and all over the place and I was really exhausted as I sprint to the finish line with a splash.
As the day went on and I did another run my energy levels went up and my mood went up too cause I love to paddle and it gets easier to move as the day goes on.
Last 2 runs down the course to go and I was feeling determined to put a satisfying run down and so I went battling myself down the whole course another 2 times finishing each run with a splash at the bottom.
I had finished 1st in C1 making it 8/8 races that I have been to wins which is a great achievement for me and my K1 run was magical! Well not complete wands and spells but it felt amazing and I saw that I had come 2nd behind Fiona Pennie who had won a silver medal at the Senior Worlds only just over a month before by a small margin of 0.16!

Brilliant fun, enjoyable, awesome racing went on that day and even more excitement this weekend at Lee Valley for the British Open with an incredible total of 112 entries from outside the UK with 136 being UK paddlers it will be a very exciting race as there are Olympic Champions, World Champions at all ages it may as well be a World Cup!
Now to use time wisely until tomorrow! #cannotwait

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